10 Attic Storage Solutions to Spice Up Your Home

10 Attic Storage Solutions to Spice Up Your Home


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February 24, 2024

A home attic is a great place to store various items, such as high school yearbooks, old tools, and seasonal decorations. However, it can turn into a helpless mess if you fail to be organised when storing items over time.

To maximise storage space in your attic, it is helpful to be thoughtful about what you want to keep there.

You can improve your organisational system as you become more mindful of the items that you want to store and get rid of any clutter.

As you use your attic for storage purposes, you can consider these helpful attic storage solutions to maximise your loft space:

10 Attic Storage Solutions to Spice Up Your Home

Choose Durable Storage Containers

Attics are prone to changes in humidity and dust throughout the year. However, this should not be a hindrance to your attic storage organisation as you can place your items in plastic air-tight containers.

These containers can protect your household items from moisture and dirt that can build up due to humidity.

Plastic containers are more durable than cardboard boxes. They are also easy to stack and allow easy access when you need something.

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic bins also have handles that make them convenient to carry and move around.

You can opt for transparent plastic bins to easily find what you are looking for. With transparent plastic containers, you can see the items that you need without the need to rummage through them.

Additionally, having clear plastic containers can make your attic look more uniform and clutter-free.

Add Labels to Storage Bins

Creating a labelling system to arrange bins can help keep household items more organised.

You can add labels by using a permanent marker and adhesive labels or opt for a label maker, then place it on the lid and the side facing out.

Having labels on storage bins can help you distinguish your containers easily.

Keep Smaller Household Items in Plastic Drawers

Keeping smaller items in a plastic drawer is one of the helpful attic storage ideas that you can consider for your space.

While big plastic containers are ideal for large items, smaller accessories like desks and craft supplies can easily get lost in a large bin.

Use plastic storage drawers to keep track of and organise small items easily.

Similar to a large plastic bin, having drawer storage units in your attic can help keep items free from dust and moisture.

You can also store small keepsakes in these drawers and wrap them in bubble wrap to prevent them from hitting other items in the drawer.

Incorporate Shelving

If your attic ceiling’s height allows, you can choose to incorporate industrial shelving to get items off the floor and lessen clutter.

You can adjust the shelf height to fit in storage bins and loose items, then group them by category to maintain an organised system.

Use Wreath Holders for Holiday Decorations

If you are storing holiday decorations in your attic, you can opt to use round plastic holders designed for wreaths.

This creative storage solution can help keep your door decor in pristine condition while in storage.

The holders typically feature handy built-in handles so you can easily move and carry them from the attic. This storage solution also features a flat top to allow for space-saving stacking.

Utilise the Space Between Your Attic’s Trusses

Instead of piling boxes in the middle, you can also opt to use the space between your trusses for storage space.

You can maximise overhead space in your attic with the help of truss shelves that come in various sizes and keep some items off the floor.

When opting for ceiling storage racks, it is crucial to be mindful of weight distribution and prevent overloading the shelves.

Truss shelving as an attic storage idea is optimal for any items that are used infrequently, such as camping gear and excess luggage.

As you utilise the trusses for storage space, the remaining floor space can be used to hold big household items and seasonal decorations.

Install a Pegboard for Extra Storage Space

Installing a pegboard on attic walls can be an excellent storage idea that can transform your attic into a more organised space.

Pegboards are an easy way to display and organise tools and other household supplies. You can opt to customise your storage with 1/4-inch hook accessories that can fit into the pegboard.

You can also opt to hand cubbyholes or shelves on the pegboard and place other lightweight household items inside to save space.

Bring in a Durable Storage Cabinet

Another helpful storage solution that you can consider for your attic is to bring in a storage cabinet with doors for your out-of-season shoes.

Use labels for the shelf fronts to keep the storage cabinet organised, and make sure that any muddy shoes have been properly cleaned before storing them.

Hang Miscellaneous Household Items on Screw-In Hooks

Not every item you want to store in the attic can fit neatly into plastic bins. With this, screw-in hooks are an easy and convenient way to hang up extra items like sports equipment and tools.

You can install screw-in hooks just by drilling them into a wall stud. You can opt to place two hooks next to each other to hold up baskets by their handles and store small items in them.

Group Similar Household Items Together for a Clutter-Free and Organized Storage Space

To keep an attic clutter-free and organised, you can group similar items together and then place them in storage bins.

For example, store all photo albums and sentimental toys in one container so you do not have to rummage through multiple boxes when you want to look through old memories.

Keeping similar items together also makes future moves easier, as items are neatly stored and packed in categories.


Before organising your household items in your attic, it is helpful to sort out everything that you are keeping.

You can group household items by type, ownership, and frequency of use and utilise practical attic storage solutions to your advantage.

To further improve your attic, you can opt to enlist a professional who can help you maximise your storage space and install attic ladders, dust proof attic lining, attic flooring, skylights, and solar roof ventilators.

Elevate your attic space today with Attic Ladders and Floors QLD to improve your home’s functionality.

Maximise your attic space with accessible storage solutions that help boost your home’s market value and make your home a more enjoyable and convenient space for you.