Budget Ladders

Budget attic ladders offer basic functionality and durability at a more affordable price point

Choosing a Budget Ladder

Choosing a budget attic ladder can be a practical decision for many homeowners, especially those looking to maximize storage space without breaking the bank. Budget attic ladders often offer basic functionality and durability at a more affordable price point compared to their higher-end counterparts. While they may lack some of the bells and whistles of premium models, such as insulation or advanced safety features, budget attic ladders can still provide reliable access to your attic when installed correctly.

Additionally, opting for a budget-friendly option can free up funds for other home improvement projects or essentials. Ultimately, the choice of a budget attic ladder can be a sensible investment for homeowners seeking a simple and cost-effective solution for accessing their attic space.

Imported Budget Ladders - Our Range

Kimberley KASW12

Designed for light residential duty the Attic Pro Premier Ladder.

  • Suits 2340 – 3120 mm ceiling height.


Timber budget ladder . Standard up to

2.80m ceiling height.


Made from pine wood, it comes with an insulated hatch which comes finished with a white veneer.

Attic Ladders - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install an Attic Ladder and floor installed?

Costs can vary depending on certain aspects such as the space you wish to utilise in your attic, the type of attic ladder that suits your needs and amount of storage space you want.

Most of our rooms are costed on a transparent square metre pricing structure so there are no hidden costs. A truss roof attracts a slightly higher rate, but we will advise of this right from the start.

Do you build complete lofts and living areas?

Sorry no, we only install storage areas and ladders to access your attic, which are completely different from living/habitable areas and cannot be used as such. 

Do you have a showroom?

As an owner operator I keep costs down by not having a showroom, however this means I have competitive pricing and a premium & honest service! 

I also have made a YouTube channel to help demonstrate the wide range of premium ladders I sell, check it out by clicking.

I have ducted air conditioning - can this we worked around?

Yes, in most cases we can re-route the ducting if required. This is a common task as the ducting is most often run on a direct route to the outlet running across the path of the most usable storage area. 

If I only have a small roof, can I still use it as storage?

If you can crawl comfortably in your attic, you’ll be able to comfortable fit things in your attic! With flooring installation available, your attic space can be utilised even if it is small.

How long does it take to install an attic ladder?

I install the attic ladder the  within 2 weeks of quoting the job . Have peace of mind that when I’m finished with the installation, I’ll leave your home just as clean as when I arrived!

What are the ladders made of?

Our Attic Ladders range from timber ladders to full aluminium ladders. The quality of our ladders are guaranteed for your peace of mind! 

Is my existing roof structure strong enough?

Yes, depending on the weight. We build a sub frame on top of your existing ceiling joists upon which we securely screw down our flooring which is engineer approved to hold 75 kg per square metre, plus your own weight. 

Do you charge to come to my house and quote?

An appraisal is completely free and without obligation. Most of the time I’m also able to quote over the phone if provided with a clear picture! However sometimes I need to visit the site in person, completely free of charge.